TİPOR Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

Thermal insulating boards specially designed for underfloor heating installations, edge profiles of which are produced as tongued and grooved, with a total thickness of 45mm (bead height: 20 mm and overall thickness: 25 mm) and dimensions of
60 cm x 120 cm


It is produced between 20-30 DNS in terms of density.
Offered in 10 pcs packages, it is a high quality product which is the indispensable board of floor heating systems. 1 package contains 7,20 m2 product.


* It prevents the pipes from rolling up in one side when screed is to be poured over the underfloor heating system.

* Since the screed poured over the underfloor heating system is a filling screed, it minimizes the cracks in the screed thanks to its porous structure.

* Thanks to the grooves on the edges, it moves as a whole in the place where it is laid.

* Its application feature provides the opportunity to apply a steel mesh on it comfortably and without damaging the underfloor heating pipes.